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Millah with a multidisciplinary artistic training in singing, dance and dramaturgy, the singer Millah did launch on June 26th her first album, Eu sou / I am. The launch show was held at Burlesque Paris 6 in São Paulo. Completely authorial, the singer’s album has 10 tracks, five in Portuguese and five in English.

The album was produced by the Producer DeepLick, one of the most influential pop and electronic scene of the day and responsible for producing Brazilians artists such as Tiago Iorc, Carlinhos Brown, Cláudia Leite, Wanessa and Gabriel Pensador.

MILLAH and DeepLick have developed several works together. They look for different timbre and the intention of bringing new vibrations. This sound may surprise not only the Brazilian musical scene, but also the international one.

The song "Imagination", features the special participation of the American singer Mikey Wax, who stood out in the American scene with his hit "You lift me up". The choice to make an album in two languages s a reflection of the many years that Millah worked and studied abroad.

In the new work, the audience will find dance songs and slow, that speaks of love, awakening, pain and healing. There is a bit of pop, pop rock, pop reggae, electronic music and even funk, always bringing the Brazilian flavor. "It is this diversity that makes me. And overall, I'm all that. EU SOU / I AM' came from this consciousness."

MILLAH often explains that her musical style is not influenced by particular idols. But, she does admire artists as Alicia Keys, Jessie J, Sia, Adele, Norah Jones, Madonna, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Hill Song, Christina Aguilera, John Mayer.


Millah's first musical performances were in family gatherings, when the 7-year-old girl already charmed her small audience by doing mini shows at her house. By early adolescence she had already made her first compositions.
In addition to her passion for music, she was also attracted to theater, dance and film interpretation.

She moved to England where she lived for 6 years and after that she spent 1 year in the United States where she majored in major schools such as New York Film Academy, Metropolitan Film School, Vocal Tech School and Trinity Laban of Dance.

Among the successful musical projects of its phase abroad is the author of the track "You Are Still In My Mind" produced by Rey Vercosa and special participation of Samuel J. and Laércio da Costa. The song is part of the soundtrack of the North American film "A Long Way Off" (2014), by Michael Davis (Uptone Pictures).

Throughout her career Millah's special timbre caught the attention of several DJs. In early 2015, her first EP takes shape with songs "You Are Still In My Mind" Rey Vercosa, "Awakening" DeepLick and "All Night Long" Lenx & Denx, and it was with the producer and DJ DeepLick that Millah established, In 2016, the partnership for production of her second EP - "Inside your mind", with remixes of Mario Fischetti & Tada Martin and Majestic, the song is being re-released by the Austro/Som Livre label.

Recently the singer recorded 2 video clips in the US, by Uptone Pictures, directed by Michael Davis and Kim Leitch.

by Modeltainment USA

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