New York -

ModelTainment Agency INC is committed as a distinct source for all of your talent needs. Our experience is solid -- with extensive backgrounds in the talent, auto show, fashion, trade show/promotions, media and entertainment industries -- and a constant eye for scouting and recruiting new and qualified talent who have a wide range of print, on-camera, runway, voice-over and promotion experience. 


ModelTainment, continues to place many of our local models and talent in NY and other major markets throughout the globe. Due to the steady number of successful placements.

Aside our Fashion Division, ModelTainment INC hosts a Commercial Division, Hair and Makeup, Runway Division, Photographer, Promotional/Trade Show Division and On-Camera Division.

ModelTainment’s staff meets every challenge with a high level of knowledge, professionalism and courtesy.


Graziela Barrette is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ModelTainment INC®, Founded since March 2011., "Your Cutting Model Entertainment Company." she has been recognized for her hands on approach that creates a stable atmosphere for all clients.

Having a style that works outside of the box, she continues to change the traditional approaches in the entertainment industry. Combining the best of multiple worlds around entertainment personalities, ModelTainment INC is carving its own place among industry elites by supporting charitable causes.

Being an innovator and having strong personal communication skills, Graziela Barrette was one of the first to envision the potential of combining Fashions Models with innovative entertainment strategies.
With an amazing team spread all over the United States, Europe, Brazil.  ModelTainment INC has created a foothold in the entertainment industry.


We welcome the opportunity to add your company to our client list!

​Graziela Barrette

Brazil -

ModelTainment Agency, em 2016, abriu sua primeira filial na cidade de Paranavai - Parana - Brazil. Com uma equipe a mais de 14 anos experiente no mundo da moda, temos como objetivo não apenas descobrir New Faces com potencial para atuar no mercado local, nacional e internacional de modelos, mas tambem em atuar na formação destes profissionais, auxiliando-os nas técnicas de autoconhecimento e desenvolvimento do talento, e assim encaminhar para o mercado de trabalho comercial, na TV, Filme e  Teatro.

Nossa primeira filial no Brasil esta a disposicao de nossos clientes e amigos.

Sejam Bem vindo a Equipe Modeltainment

Graziela Barrette